4x5 CommonSense Ad

Click to Download PDF of
4"W x 5"H Ad Master

4x5 CommonSense Ad

Click to Download PDF of
Did You STOP Voting?
4"W x 5"H Ad Master

SMALL AD Versions Are Here!

Do to a heavy number of requests, we have created two small sized (4"W x 5"H) advertisement versions of the original flyers.

This should help those of you wanting to place ads in papers, but who are unable to afford the large flyer-sized ads.

The design and text of the first such Ads (at right) are abbreviated forms of the original "CommonSense = Accountability" and the "Did You STOP Voting?" flyers. (Slightly larger sized ads are also in the works).

Yes we KNOW the small ads all say "Vote Feb 5"...
Just click on the date and type.

PLEASE NOTE: There is just ONE file for EACH ad that works for ALL STATES this time. We have made the text for the VOTE DATE and the "This Ad paid for by ____" into editable form fields in the PDF file that you will receive.

The VOTE DATE field is set as a default to "Vote Feb 5" -- to change it, simply click on the text and type your own states date into the field. (But make certain you get the date correct -- many states have changed their voting dates several times.)

Similarly the "This Ad paid for by" field is set by default to read: "This Ad placed and paid for by a PRIVATE US CITIZEN." Depending on your newspaper, they may require you to run your name, group name, or PAC name in this spot, you can now easily change the text to whatever you need it to say.

Forward Liberty!

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