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RonPaul vs John McCain
HOPE vs FEAR -- Contrast Flyer

THIS is a rushed "0.9 version" -- we anticipate making improvements, but time is critical, so we wanted to get this out to people!

With the recent "Annointment" of Senator John McCain by the media, there is a need for a flyer that presents the STARK CONTRAST of his vision of "WARS, DEBTS & TERROR" for the world in contrast to the vision of "PEACE, PROSPERITY & FREEDOM" of Ron Paul and the philosophy of Liberty.

NOTE: This is NOT a detailed "issues" comparison flyer. In our opinion while nice in THEORY, in practice the majority of voters DO NOT choose candidates based on detailed issues analysis. INSTEAD, this flyer hits on the GUT LEVEL -- characterizing Senator McCain as a war-monger with CLOSE ties to the leading Democrats, hiliting the McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Lieberman, and via the PHOTO the McCain-HILLARY connection (and if THAT combination of smirking faces doesn't turn people off, will anything?).

WE STILL MAINLY RECOMMEND USING THE ORIGINAL COMMON SENSE FLYERS -- but realize that some of you are in a dire need of something to specifically address the "inevitable" McCain attitude.

The design and text of this flyer (at right) uses similar text and themes from the original "CommonSense = Accountability" and the "Did You STOP Voting?" flyers. (Slightly larger sized ads are also in the works).

Yes we KNOW the flyer says "Vote Feb 5"...
Just click on the date and type.

PLEASE NOTE: There is just ONE file that works for ALL STATES this time. We have made the text for the VOTE DATE and the "This flyer/ad paid for by __________." into editable form fields in the PDF file that you will receive.

The VOTE DATE field is set as a default to "Vote Feb 5" -- to change it, simply click on the text and type your own states date into the field. (But make certain you get the date correct -- many states have changed their voting dates several times.)

Similarly the "This flyer/ad paid for by" field is set by default to read: "This flyer/ad placed and paid for by a PRIVATE US CITIZEN." Depending on your newspaper, they may require you to run your name, group name, or PAC name in this spot, you can now easily change the text to whatever you need it to say.

Forward Liberty!

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