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Because Normal "campaigning" stinks...

The official campaign has spent it's time (and our money) trying to identify and canvass "likely voters" in Iowa and New Hampshire... it was focused on the Bush/Cheney tried-and-true "Get-Out-The-Vote" efforts (but minus the "shenanigans" part because, thankfully, Ron Paul is honest and does NOT go for that).

Their current plan? More of the same, plus a bunch of standard, rather lame and unexciting TV ads.

Hey, maybe they know something I don't ...and I really do hope it works ...but I'm not one to put all my eggs in one basket.

Because we've seen the results so far... and I am NOT impressed. Are you?

I think it is time we stopped playing THEIR GAME, their way.

We need to play OUR GAME, OUR WAY.

Grassroots supporters in Jefferson County, Iowa achieved phenomenal success (RonPaul = 35% of votes) partly by using simple B/W single sheet flyers, ads and inserts in newspapers -- similar in "style" (but NOT identical) to the ones on this site -- doing direct appeals to ALL CITIZENS (not just "likely Republican voters in a database"). THAT'S more like it.

To replicate that for the grassroots campaign in the rest of the states, we need a SIMPLE and VERY EFFECTIVE piece of campaign literature that can be duplicated and distributed by anyone and everyone across the entire country, whether they have internet access or just a single paper copy someone gave them.

We need something THAT fantastically viral. And we need to hit people over the head with a proverbial "baseball bat" -- thrown out of left field if necessary. And I mean people in general, *ALL* PEOPLE -- every single household; NOT just "likely voters," NOT the "Republican Party" -- I mean everyone! The people who are so sickened and disgusted and apathetic at corrupt politicians that they don't care anymore; they don't vote, they don't protest; they just sit at home... and whine, moan and complain.

We need THOSE people to get off their couches and GO OUT AND VOTE for Ron Paul, in MASS, period (and without having the campaign or their "mother" call them up on voting day). And we don't even need ALL of them, just 5%. Why 5%? Because only about 5% of the population currently even bothers to vote in the Republican Primaries; If we can get an additional 5% of the generally "apathetic voters" to ACTUALLY VOTE for Ron Paul, we can overwhelm the rest of the candidates.

But to motivate THEM, we need something OTHER than, CHEAPER than, and MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than the campaign supplied "issues slim-jims" -- we need that Baseball Bat...

We need our own "Common Sense"

Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" pamphlet worked in 1776 because people could read and printed material was valuable. (Plus, Thos. Paine was a GENIUS!) Nowadays, people have ADHD and information-overload!

In my own pitiful way, I've been trying for the past few months to write something similar, and have looked at many pieces written by people more talented than myself; all are too long, complicated, or expensive to reproduce, no matter their brilliance, they were unacceptable.

Because part of the problem is that we now live in a society filled with apathetic people -- people who know the system is rigged and corrupt and feel that they can't do anything about it -- people who seldom read or know anything about who they vote for, IF THEY EVEN VOTE.

DVD's, laptop brigade, 55 different issue slim-jims, etc. -- they are all too expensive or to time consuming to use in sufficient quantity, and MOST people won't bother to look at them anyway.

We need ONE sheet of paper, single or double sided -- a design that can be laser OR ink-jet printed and copied at an office supply; or that can be printed in newspapers or preprinted and added as a cheap "insert" (the Jefferson County, Iowa way!) We need something that can be photocopied ...from another copy; 2, 5, or even 10 generations worth, and STILL have all of the major text and images look OK. We need something that can be STUCK up places, slipped into doors, placed under windshields, sent as a mailer, put literally anywhere and everywhere.

AND it has to address the "Elephants in the room" ...VOTER APATHY and this continual B.S. "horserace game" the media have invented and somehow convinced everyone to play along with.

Plus we need something that can OVERCOME the shortcomings of our candidate's campaign team -- we need something that can overcome the media bias and "blackout" and even their "attacks" -- we need to get a MASS NUMBER of those otherwise APATHETIC VOTERS to actually get out and VOTE in order to TOTALLY OVERWHELM the polls and OVERCOME any possible (probable) vote rigging or theft or other shenanigans. That is the ONLY way we can win this, period.

Then it dawned on me. We need to hit them over the head with a proverbial baseball bat just to get their attention. We don't need a pamphlet, we live in an age where people do NOT read, we live in an age where people are used to being manipulated by ADVERTISEMENTS... and I know *exactly* how to do cheap, black & white BASEBALL BAT advertisements.

This is my best shot.

The "Common Sense" PDF's available here contain TWO single-page, letter sized ads.

Reach & Involve Apathetic Voters

The first -- "Did You STOP Voting?" -- is aimed at the classic "apathetic voter" (the houses you are otherwise going right past when you do standard voter-list canvassing). This ad is SPECIFICALLY designed to use a style of advertising that has been VERY successful over the years. The SOLID BLACK with the questions at the top is the "stunner" -- even if this is run as a newspaper ad on an otherwise busy page, it WILL jump out. The reader is hit solidly with a series of questions they are virtually forced to answer. The text size gets progressively smaller for a reason: it draws the reader INTO the page, and leads them down a path of thoughts step-by-step.

The remaining text on the page bounces from left to right, and it is NOT necessary for the person to even READ all of it -- the "tops of the bumps" are enough.

Even just as YOU are now gaining the MAIN POINTS by looking at the "miniature" graphic off to the right, you will be unable to miss the MAIN POINTS: 1) Did you STOP Voting? 2) Do you distrust politicians and hate the IRS? 3) Are you willing to VOTE? 4) COMMON SENSE -- associated directly with a "commanding" picture of Ron Paul, and his name. (But for those who DO read it, the small text is like a "whisper", and it typically serves to solidify the points being made. It includes "innoculations" against lies and smears, and even an "antidote" for the "horse-race" media-game.)

And THAT is all we need. We have now IMPLANTED into people's heads VIRTUALLY ALL that they need to know to make them WANT to vote for Ron Paul, THE candidate of COMMON SENSE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This type of literature is NOT meant to be used in combination with standard campaign-issued slim-jims.

In fact using slim-jims or other DETAILED literature will often be COUNTER PRODUCTIVE and likely to LOSE a vote that this piece has just won-over. At this LATE DATE in the campaign, most "superficial voters" -- those who have NOT yet made up their minds -- DO NOT WANT all of that additional information (in fact they use detailed information to ELIMINATE candidates from their "short-list" before they play eenie-meenie-miny-moe in the voting booth).

So keep it simple. and use these pieces BY THEMSELVES.

CONVINCE General Voters

The second -- "Common Sense -- Accountability" -- is a more "general voter" piece. This ad is uses a similar style of advertising to the first. The SOLID BLACK with the statements at the top is the "stunner" and sets the reader up with the fact that Common Sense = Accountability (and plays to the current environment, whether the voter is a Democrat OR a Republican does NOT matter).

The rest of the piece seems to be simple, normal advertising or campaign copy. It speaks in what appears to be generic, common simple statements about the issues of the day, but in a very general way. (The perceptive among you will realize that it DOES utilize and emphasize Ron's catchphrase "Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom".)

But there is much more than meets the eye. This is NOT a slim-jim. It does NOT give detailed issue points or policy stances that may BORE or TURN-OFF as many voters as they turn-on. Instead it captures peoples "imaginations" and hits on the "hot buttons" topics where all people LIVE emotionally. Every "issue" from the Foreign Policy to Domestic Infrastructure; from the Economy to Healthcare and Monetary issues; from the "War on Drugs" to "Civil Marriage" and even the TSA; they are ALL dealt with in a conversational way, converting the person to agreement WITH the candidate pictured below, without them even realizing it is happening.

And again, THAT is all we need. We have now IMPLANTED into the voter's head VIRTUALLY ALL that they need to know to make them WANT to vote for Ron Paul, THE candidate of COMMON SENSE; who will bring PEACE, PROSPERITY and FREEDOM. And the BENEFITS to the voter will be "Peace of Mind", "Financial Security" and "Freedom from Fear!" Things that EVERYONE wants.


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And that is all there is to it. So go DOWNLOAD it now from the TAKE ACTION! box at the right and start printing copies and getting these out there.

Each PDF is date-coded for particular state's primaries (and there is a NO DATE version for the "late states" we have not yet created PDF's for). Additionally, each PDF includes BOTH of the pages described above; they can be printed separately, or "duplexed" as front/back on the same sheet of paper.

If you need large quantities of these, I would suggest visiting a local print shop versus photocopies, as offset printing can easily be one-half or one-third the cost of copying.

In addition, these CAN be used as masters for ads or "inserts" in local newspapers (check with your paper for your best value, inserts are often cheaper than ads if you are getting large quantities printed anyway for use outside of the newspaper.)

PRINTING & COPYING NOTE: The design of the image AND the text (even the small text) are such that they WILL SURVIVE several generations of photocopying (copy of a copy of a copy). And there is a note in the lower right that suggests the reader simply duplicate his own copies, (along with the standard "Not Authorized" disclaimer, which can be easily replaced by other text if you have this printed in a newspaper).

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